Top 3 Wedding Albums from My Photo Filmer that can amaze you

Weddings are the most auspicious occasions that bring everyone together. That moment when you get your loved one in your life forever, a promise of togetherness, an overwhelming emotion for parents, and a joyous occasion for friends, all together with a memory of a lifetime. Then don’t you want to seize that instant and treasure it? Indeed. Photography and videography are the best way for it, but choosing the right person to capture these is a tricky thing. It would be best if you found someone who can immerse themselves as a part of the celebration and that perfect moment. Before we brag about ourselves, have a look at the best wedding albums from Photo filmer. Read through:

Nitin and Naayaa:

Any passionate wedding photography doesn’t end without capturing the beauty of the bride. I’m sure every bride wants looks nothing less than a princess at her wedding, so is Naayaa. In the above pictures, we made sure to bring the best out of her while getting ready for the big day and stepping into the road to a new journey.

Nitin and Naayaa belong to the core Punjabi clan, who believes in just living the moment. We surely have to thank them for making us a part of their traditional yet fun wedding ceremonies. Our journey to their whole wedding ceremony gave us an authentic glimpse of Punjabi heritage. A wedding is undoubtedly the most memorable day of your life. But it’s more than that for parents and the family. They dream of that time since the day you were born and to make themselves ready to be nothing but the best. Nitin & Naayaa’s family is no exception to that, and when the day was finally here, you can see how they enjoyed it in the above pictures. Pretty, right?

 Sajal & Saachi:

Have you ever seen a couple who are ‘Made for each other’? That’s what our thought when we met this beautiful couple for the first time, and they’re absolutely adorable. A wedding comes once in a lifetime, and when that occurs, it does need a celebration.  Sajal & Saachi, and their families not just made it a grandeur event but also filled with entertainment and laughter.

Weddings are ages-old tradition but still carrying its importance gracefully that can put any other event behind. From the happy bride when she dresses up in her wedding outfit to the grooms face when looking at her girl as a bride, and from those proud parents with who have been waiting for this moment all their lives to the dancing friends who gives you the hand on your way to a new journey weddings are a rollercoaster of emotions. And here’s how we created the dear diary moments for  Sajal & Saachi on their big day.

Sahaana & Aadolf:

When love has no boundaries, what can stop the perfect blend of traditional and modern celebration? Sahaana & Aadolf fell in love and stepped ahead to follow their promise of being forever together, keeping the religious and geographical differences aside. And when both the family blessings added, they wanted to make the best out of this occasion.

An Indian wedding ceremony away from the motherland, which needs to bring the perfect blend of traditions and joy. It truly gave us the challenging time, but hey, weddings themselves are beautiful, and we have got a pleasing eye to that charm. And when the couple stepped into their new journey, here’s how we made it special.

Every bride is a queen and the groom a king, and when they tie a knot, it’s regal and eye feasting. We understand the importance of these days in your life and capture them with the personalization in our hearts. Haldi, Sangeet, Mehandi, party, and the other rituals that lead that grand wedding day, they require great attention to detail. Why not, the wedding happens for a day, but pictures stay for life. Imagine how you’d want to feel when you turn back to ages and look at these memories. And they are something to be captured and framed with love. Now that we showed off our work, we’ve only one thing to say. When it comes to wedding photography, don’t settle for nothing less than the best. Lift your phone and give us a call and let us take care of the rest.



MyPhotoFilmer is a team of dedicated photographers and videographers who are always ready to make your moments more happening and more lively. Check out our blog section to know how updated we are and how can we make your wedding moments as one of the precious moments or your corporate / academic events the most engaging ones.


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Top 3 Wedding Albums from My Photo Filmer that can amaze you

Weddings are the most auspicious occasions that bring everyone together. That moment when you get your loved one in your life forever, a promise of togetherness, an overwhelming emotion for parents, a...

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