3 Amazing Pre-wedding shoot by My Photo Filmer

3 Amazing Pre-wedding shoot:

Do you know that in the olden days the couple gets to see each other only after the wedding? Like absolutely no clue how the opposite person looks or behaves. And now, we have the freedom to choose whoever we want and spend life with them despite any cultural differences. Indian weddings are modernizing day by day, but it’s still carrying the same importance and carrying the ages-old traditions proudly. And we at photo filmer, know only one way to celebrate them. Photography.

Pre-wedding shoot and photography are some of the latest trends everyone’s following these days in the happiness of finding their everlasting love. Either it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage when you’re stepping into a new journey, it does require a ceremony and a bashing entry. Check the following 3 best albums of the pre-weddings shoots handled by Photo filmer that spreads cheer and joy.

Nitin & Naayaa:

Nitin & Naayaa are an NRI couple who got engaged and about to get married like anyone else. When they asked us to shoot their pre-wedding shoot, all we got in our mind is to bring happiness to the pictures that we observed in their faces and tell the world that these two absolutely adorable people are going to become one soon.

Nitin says Naayaa makes him smile, Naayaa says Nitin is the reason for her happiness. And when they come together, there were no words. A scenic location + the couple dressed up wearing their precious laughter = best pre-wedding shoot. In the whole experience, they kept us motivated with their triumph, and here is the result:

Saachi & Sajal:

A stylish couple who seeks a perfect blend of trend and grandeur. To bring a modus operandi to their requirement, we experienced two different angles. One with the voguish coordinating blue colored clothing with their shades on, where we brought up the individual mode in a couple of pictures. In the other segment, they chose to wear contrasts but bring the same hidden romance out. Call it traditional or modern, Saachi & Sajal are real couple goals.

Adi & Saachi are young and beautiful, running towards the start of their ‘together forever’ journey seeking the blessing of friends, family, and their loved ones. All they wanted from this shoot is to bring the experience of togetherness in the pictures and let everyone know that they’re going to spend their life with joy. And here’s how we represented what they asked for:

Daksh & Sahaana:

We must say Daksh, Sahaana, and their friends’ clan gave us a challenging target. They want this shoot to be filled with fun, joy, and laughter. We’ve seen the couple wearing coordinating clothes for pre-wedding shoot, but here, their entire group of friends group came together wearing the same outfits yet highlighting the actual couple and set the goals for the best batch.

We’ve created a series of photographs wherein the first trail the friends’ gang backing up Daksh trying to save him from falling in the wedding in a funny way. However, still, he’s proposing to Sahaana, then friends supporting the couple for a happy ending. This whole series ended up in a dashing way resulting in the best memories of the pre-wedding shoot experience.

A pre-wedding shoot is a memory that a couple cherishes for the entire life. Being single for that instance and about to mingle in a time that won’t last forever, adding one more family to the loved ones, getting a new set of parents and friends, more than anything finding the friend, partner in crime, and a loved one that changes the life positively and dramatically. To honor those new beginnings, we at photo filmers put ourselves into your shoes and create the memories just the way you want.


*Names of Brides and Groom has been changed in the above post for privacy reasons.



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