The Wedding Couples – A Match made in heaven

The Wedding Couples – A Match made in heaven :

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought how great it’d feel if you find someone like them? The Couple above is of that kind. A perfect meaning of couple goals and just absolutely made for each other. When we were asked to shoot their wedding, we thought they’re just like any other couple, but they ended up being our favorite couple.

They were just two regular individuals focusing on their career when they met for the first time in Los Angeles. But look at them now, happily ever after. The bride says her Groom is cute, bubbly, cheerful, and nobody can stay sad around her. He also suggests talking to her if anyone feels low. For him, he was amiable and organized before he met her, and look who’s praising now. And when it comes to Groom, have you heard about sparkling eyes’? She couldn’t stop smiling from the very second she took his name. Well, she was about to get the best of her life and couldn’t help the true bridal blush. Their loyal smile, happiness, laughter, just made our day.

Groom lived close to the hills and took Bride out on a trek. When the sun was rising, a beautiful valley witnessed he went down on one knee, said all his feelings for her, took out the ring, and proposed to her. It was a surprise to her, but the answer was obviously Yes. Oh my god! This proposal story, we wanted to hear again and again with a big smile every time.

Weddings happen once in a lifetime for a wedding couple:

Weddings happen once in a lifetime, and it is as much as necessary for both the families. When you get the love you’ve wanted in your life, it’s nothing less than awesome, but when the blessings of parents added, the sky’s the limit for happiness. Groom’s mom says Bride is the angle of the family where his dad thought at first sight that nobody can complete Groom’s life better than Bride and danced like never before. Awesome. Right? A daughter’s wedding is something that her parents have a vision of since her childhood. It’s overwhelming, emotional, but worth the wait. But when the time comes, it starts to bring that possessiveness inside when they have to send her away to an entirely new family. Groom took that fear away. Bride’s mom says that Groom is no less than her son, makes her feel like they’ve known each other age, and he too takes care of her as a mother. And Bride’s father couldn’t describe his feelings other than thanking God for sending her to a great family. Why not? She’s his princess, and he can wish only the best for her.

Next to the bride and groom for the wedding couple and bride surprised groom:

Next to the bride and groom, the only people who can make weddings happening are siblings, and these people are more excited than ever. It was adorable when Groom’s sister said how he turned out from a shy boy to a happy go, lucky person, holding hands and smiling, and his brother-in-law wanted personally to meet everyone from the wedding couples family, take care of everything just like a brother. Then comes a girl, Bride’s sister, but we’ve seen her all over the wedding. She’s here, there, and everywhere with never-ending energy. Her power-packed performances are a blast. Though she was sad that her sister is going to move somewhere else but secretly happy as she’s going to have the whole bed to her now. Haha, Isn’t every sibling want that?

And, it’s D-day, when Bride surprised Groom with a wedding card and his eyes filled with tears and heart with happiness. The bride always wanted someone who supports her highs and lows, and when that dream come true, there were no words.

Wedding couples pre-wedding shoot and wedding shoot:

From the pre-wedding shoots to all the traditional rituals like Haldi, sangeet, Mehandi, and the final wedding day, it was gracious and colorful. The bride, groom, families, and friends were delighted and showcased it as a huge celebration. And when it’s finally the time to be together forever, the wedding couples was just eye feasting.

Wedding an occasion that everyone cherishes for their entire life and being at the stage to give them these memories, we wanted to provide the best them the best personally and professionally. And here’s how we curated this joyous occasion.


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Best Candid Photography and Wedding Photography Moments

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